Young Christian girl accused of blasphemous behavior is unable to read/write

August 25, 2012 5:49 pm0 commentsViews: 26

Christian girl held on blasphemy

Vatican City: French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran defends the young Pakistani girl accused of blasphemous behavior, by clarifying that she “cannot read or write.”
According to the news, a young Pakistani Christian girl, named rimsha aged 11 to 16 according to different reports, was accused of burning pages from children’s religious instruction book inscribed with Holy Quran’s verses.
the Christian scholar argued that the accusation of rimsha cannot be justified because she is unable to read and write and her act was not intended to scorn or to disrespect the religious material. He says that before making such accusation, facts should be considered first. Rimsha was also found to be a patient of Down’s Syndrome, thus showing that her act was not deliberate or intended at scorn for sacred book.
Rimsha’s appearance in court has been postponed to 31 august than on due date which was on Saturday, 25 august.