What’s With Wit?

April 25, 2012 7:53 pm0 commentsViews: 28
Do you know what anyone’s ‘Wit’ is? It usually means ability of a person to produce quick answer in a humorous way.
One can act intelligently on pretend to be serious and get away with it but one can never pretend to be witty. I had always harbored (keep in my mind) a desire to possess wit, having always being impressed by those personalities who can keep people spell bound with the sheer wit of their words.
I myself found the importance and advantages of being a witty person by experiencing a teacher of mine, having a great wit and command on her words, sentences and language. In her lecture a magical environment appears and thus. She ties us with an unseen rope of words enriched with humor, that’s affects lasted for a long time.
One morning I wake up and vowed to be as witty as my teacher or anyone else. I decided to work really hard on it. Needless to say that this declaration came often a particularly humbling experience.
I already a hunger needed, full of literature lust, started reading notable humorists like Will Roger and Mark Twain, hoping against hope that their wit would reflection me. But, whenever I made any comment which I thought to be witty, my mother castigated (punished) me no mentioning erect behavior and etiquettes.
One day I was singing (read ‘screaming’) along with Madonna in my room thinking as a new pop sensation just like ‘Shakira’ when my sister came in, lowered the volume and said, “What will the neighbors think”? I responded, “If they could think, they wouldn’t live next to us”?Â
Then, then what? She the “backbiter” went straight to mom and I was told to be more respectful of elders. My journey of becoming a “great wit” wasn’t paying off.
Sometimes people think it misbehavior but in fact, it is an ability to face the bitter language and atmosphere and also with the help of “wit” we can be able to refresh the taste of people and show them the light way of living life.