Veena Malik is looking for a new hero

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veena malik

Veena Malik is looking for a new hero, yes you heard it right. According to the news Veena Malik now days is in search of a new hero to be casted opposite her in upcoming Bollywood movie of her, The City That Never Sleeps. And for this, she is holding a contest to find that hero who will be starred in the movie then.
Veena Malik, during a press conference, said that; “In this contest, I will choose a boy opposite me who will be my hero in this film. I am very excited and I believe that new talent should get a chance,” she further added that “I support this contest that is happening for The City That Never Sleeps and I look forward to my hero.”
In the meantime, Veena Malik said that currently she is not having any intentions to marry. She believes that she doesn’t find it the right time to get married. She said that it’s a matter of destiny so it depends on destiny wholly, at what time she will be marrying.