This is how BHOJA Air ended my life by Farhan Ather

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Finally, I was going to Islamabad as a proud son of my parents to show them my gold medal which I attained a few hours back by working hard day & night in Microsoft, so i could become world’s best Microsoft Certified Professional & to make my father proud of himself. I was carrying the symbol of proudness along with me which would make my father’s chest wide and my Mother’s head high. I just cannot wait to see my mother and father back home in Islamabad. My flight is after 2 hours and i see a huge plane of Bhoja Airline right outside the waiting lounge where i am sitting and just urging so much to get in the plane. I am thinking of all the things that are awaiting me in Islamabad like a party thrown by my friends on my achievement but more importantly the warm hugs from my mother and my father’s passionate palms on my head.
Bhoja Airline. This airline is much more cheaper than the national airlines of Pakistan and on time up till now. After a wait of 2 hours which seemed like 2 era’s, i got on my plane found my seat and am ready to reach Islamabad. The plane is taking off and so are my feelings. What would it all look like when i will have my father’s chest wide and my mother’s head high ? Seems like i will get every answer after reaching my destination. Next to me, was sitting a three to four years old boy playing with his tiny toy aeroplane. He bumped his toy with my forearm making a sound like the plane has crashed and murmuring, “OH NO ! The Plane Is Crashed “. I got attentive on his strike on me and it moved me a bit by hearing a very little sound of plane crash. It seemed like a thunderstorm ran along my body from head to toe and i am not pretty sure what exactly it was. With keeping bundle of  thoughts in my mind,  i was like swifting over the clouds. It was going well. Very well indeed. After some time, the airhostess announced that we are about to reach Islamabad within few moments. Right after hearing this  announcement, i just so couldn’t wait to get off the plane and meet my family but nature had other plans for me.
Our plane started gliding, it was moving badly to and fro. I still had no idea what was going on, the lights of our plane were fluctuating. Some of the passengers got off their seat instantly in a panic mood, however air hostess requested the passengers to stay calm and seated. The children started screaming and shouting, the echo of their screams made me sure that something bad was on its way. Right outside of my plane window, i can see something on fire, perhaps it was the left wing of our plane on fire. We all were going towards a tragic doom. The Doom Of Fire. My eyes were full of water, everything was happening so fast that i am not able to contact may parents before contacting my last breathe. My body started shaking with terror, the screams and the shout were terrible to listen. The pilot instantly announced that we are all going to meet the end of our lives. My heart bursted and all my plannings and thoughts became vain. All Fruitless. All Merciless. Perhaps it was destined to happen. We hit the ground and thus we buried inside it. Everything was lost witihin a blink of an eye. My soul can see the torn parts of my body, my luggage, my wallet, my mobile and my handbag from which the gold medal was popping out. None of the body was recognizable. Everything ended in smoke and blood, soon the rescue teams will reach and collect all our body parts which are approximately covering one kilometer area and will hand over to our relatives. This is how my Bhoja B4-213 ended which also ended my life, my career, my profession and the hope of my parents.
” To Him we belong, and to Him we shall return ” [AL-QURA’AN]
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