The Faded Love by Zehra A Ghaffar

May 10, 2012 2:25 pm0 commentsViews: 118

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I have always heard that love could be happen at anytime , anywhere or in any moment..
Yes, they are right..
I remember the days when I was too young and silly that I used to start chatting with random people on cellphone..
One day , Destiny did its work and he came into my life , and soon we became best friends. We had alot of things in common.. He shared his past, dreams , thoughts with me and so did I..
We started liking each other and one beautiful day he told me that he actually loves me !!

And he wants to spend his whole life with me..But I wasn’t prepared.. I was regretting why I made him fall for me when I wasn’t able to catch him..And finally I said ‘NO’..
I never knew that I was so lucky that he continued to love me even after that..
Long story short, months passed and a few months later his passionate love , caring behavior made me fall for him..
And in an intoxicated night I said the three magical words to him.. ‘I Love You’

And the beautiful journey started.. Trust me, to be loved by a person whom you love truly is a bliss.. We had a million dreams together now.. We promised each other of pure love , sincerity and trust..
I remember how we first met , so nervous yet so excited..The first gifts.. The first feelings of being together, I can’t explain..

Nights and days were unending , Sometimes I wonder how we used to talk whole day.. We had a million of things to share.

People says God makes pairs in Heaven , maybe they were true.. Life was bit like a fairytale , perfect fantasies , my perfect prince charming and me who wasn’t actually a princess but he treated me like one..

Time went a little ahead and he went abroad for his studies , it was hard for me to let him go but I couldn’t do anything.. He had to go for his future and ours..Two years flew away and nothing went wrong..I thought distances can’t do anything , thought that our love was strong enough to bear the distances..

We had an amazing relation..I used to wait for him till midnight to come online and then we used to chat about all the stuff we did whole day..His new life without me , my days without him and every single thing..We tease each other , taunt each other, fight madly on stupid things but in the end we come to each other saying sorry and everything set perfect like always..But whatever we thought , apart from all that our lives had to change ..

As time went ahead , the chats became shorter , fights started increasing.. Distances threw us apart from each other..unable to talk , unable to understand..

And now , after 4 years of love and romance I am writing this story, collecting pieces from past and memories, wondering where did I go wrong and why did the magic faded away..

Well , yeah I guess life isn’t a fairytale with prince charming and his white horse , neither it has a perfect life nor a happy ending..Love is still there but don’t know how and when things changed..

Life is short for regreting things you did.. Memories are pretty enough for one to remember..

And as life changes opinion changes too..But when you have spent a beautiful time with a person you loved the most its hard to remain apart !!