Some Beauty Tips for daily life

April 27, 2012 10:41 am1 commentViews: 60

Some Beauty Tips for daily life:


EyeBrows Tip:

When you pluck your eyebrows make sure to pluck each of the hairs singly as close to the roots as possible.This will leave a cleaner finish.

Skin Care Tip:

Baby wipes are excellent makeup removers as well as hand and face refreshers.

Eye Makeup Tip:

Use a dampened Q-tip to remove any mascara that has gotten onto your eyelids.

Lip Tip:

Always apply your lip liner before applying your lipstick, and never use a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick.

Hair Care Tip:

You need to eat a balanced and nutritious diet to have healthy, shiny hair.

Nail Care Tip:

Fresh carrot juice is high in calcium and phosphorus. It is great for strengthening your nails.