Sharmila farooqi defends herself over Abbas Town security

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As it went widespread that PPP leader Sharmila Farooqi was provided with a heavy police force for security and due to which security provision was neglected at Abbas Town bomb blast event. Sharmila Farooqi was publically criticized by people. She was questioned by the media and people that why the security was not provided after bomb blast in Abbas Town while it was present at her engagement even which was held at Mohatta Palace.
Regarding this issue, Sharmila Farooqi Tweeted,
“Abbas town is in District Central and Mohatta in District South Khi. They have separate Dig’s to Ssp’s to sho’s.”
After being questioned security issues, she defended herself saying that, “Oh 32000 police personnel were protecting 400 guests? Find a better excuse to bash me!”
“Ok! So the blast was my fault and the unfortunate casualties were because Clifton Police was around Mohatta…If it soothes the haters keep abusing”.
Further she justified the event of her engagement saying that,
“And one final clarification. My engagement was on 24th Feb at my house. Yesterday was a dinner. Simple.”