Shahzeb Khan, a courageous 20 years old, lost his life while protecting her sister

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shahzeb khan

Karachi: Shahzeb khan was killed while returning from his sister’s Reception. He was wearing dark grey dress shirt and trousers at the spot. He was in his gleaming blue Swift, which his parents gifted him on his last birthday, when four 9mm bullets got through his car and finally killed this young guy.
The story behind the murder is that, Shahzeb had a little dispute with few people. He and his sister were returning from wedding to home in the Country Club Apartments when a servant of the building made comments on his sister which bothered him. He spoke over this to the servant and a fight was about to begin but Shahzeb’s father DSP Aurangzeb sorted it and they left the place. The person who passed comments over Shahzeb’s sister was Nawab Siraj Talpur having some sort of powerful resources with him.
The conflict seemed to be sorted temporarily but it wasn’t so in Talpur’s mind. Shahzeb went out after sometime to have tea with his friends. Talpur along with his friend Shahrukh Jatoi followed him and near the Mubarak Masjid they shot him to death.
The people who have murdered him have political and feudal power that they are using to escape. Although his father himself in police but a little has been done by the police to reach criminals. It is just the Feudal power which is not letting the criminals to get punished for what they did.