Sexy Summer beauty ideas to try now

April 7, 2012 8:02 pm0 commentsViews: 43

Sexy Summer beauty ideas to try now:


Make your Skin Shine:

There`s nothing more than a little after-hours gleam on your legs. A natural oil is the best way to get it, but you don’t want to look or feel greasy.Dab a bit of oil onto exta-dry spots like elbows and knees then use a dry washcloth to rub it in and buff it across other areas, like your shoulders and calves.


Use an angled contour brush to skim the faintest hint of shimmer powder on a few key spots: cheekbones, brow bones, and the inner corners of the eye. Also graze shoulders, clavicle bones, and chins. It makes skin appear dewy, not sparkly.

Smell like a summer vacation:

Body heat amplifies and radiates fragrance, so in the summer it’s a good idea to wear a scnet with cool citrus, aquatic, green, or floral notes. It should have a natural, refreshing, clean scent, like fresh-cut flowers, grass, or sea air.

Try a slightly smoky eye:

For a molten eye that looks soft and shimmery, not dark and dramatic, smudge a creamy, copper-hued eye pencil into the top lash lines, then set it with a powder eyeshadow in a similar shade. For maximum smolder, focus the color as close to lashes as possible.

For a juicy lip:

An of-the-moment fuchsia, red, or 50s coral lipstick paired with minimal other makeup is smoking hot for evening. The right texture and application technique are key: Dab a creamy lipstick onto your lips straight from the tube, then gently smooch them together and blot with a fingertip.

Ease up on fragrance:

A light form of perfume, such as eau de toilette or eau fraiche, wont overpower on a hot night. Or skip perfume and wear a lotion or gel version of your favorite scent. It`s less concentrated. The upshot: Only someone near you can detect it- how sexy Is that?

Keep skin make-up to a bare minimum:

You want your face to look naturally radiant, like you have no product on at all. If you`re fair, apply concealer only where you need it (under the eyes, around the nose), then dust bronzing powder that’s two shades darker than your skin over face and neck. If you have a darken complexion, even it out with bronzing powder in a skin-matching shade. Feel naked without coverage? Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation-but we say you don’t need it !