Search engine optimization benefits of video content in website

April 20, 2012 12:22 pm3 commentsViews: 27

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Search engine optimization benefits of video content in website

As we all know that this is the era of globalization and companies are becoming more global than past. So companies are doing e-marketing through social media networks, search engines, and video related web site to gain market share and profitability. So I think video content in your website is very important thing. Why do so??

Search engines are now including video content to increase search results, video SEO offers one of the greatest opportunities to be cost-effective and increased site visitation. When Google crawls your web site they are looking for several indicators including page quality, relevance and many more.

Ecommerce sites should also seriously consider placing videos in other locations such as product pages. Aside from the added stickiness and quality added to your product pages, they also help you stand out on the SERP with the addition of a video thumbnail. Many companies have doubled their links within a year. Due to its absolute ubiquity, astonishing multiplier effects and Google’s unabashed favorability towards their own video outlet, many choose to host their videos on YouTube.

People are now more concerned about the truth which can be represent in video. It is also much effective than traditional SEO and Google gives higher rank to the video content than web content. So website needs to be well developed and designed, with search engine optimization in mind. Then you can look at other creative ways to replace a Google Ad Sense campaign, with a SEO campaign, else reduce your Ad Sense costs. Don’t forget that your brand should be part of any online marketing activity and as well as being a web design agency, who provide SEO services.

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