Quick and leisurely ways to lose weight

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Have intake of water all around the day. Having at least 8 glass of water make a must of routine. Physicians consider it to be the most feasible and working tip for losing weight.
Add Walk of an hour in must to do list. That must not be a heavy form of walk, but must have it done for a consecutive hour. It will make you feel difference and proved to be helpful in losing calories.
Have breakfast consisting of organic food, such as fruits (bananas, apples), yogurt, vegetables (carrots, other stuff used in salad), peppers honey and so forth.
Having dinner befor3 4-5 hours of going to sleep is another must of losing weight rapidly.
Make it sure that you have intake of food slowly and chewing properly. Don’t swallow food as it doesn’t get digested and causes fats to get store in stomach.
For fewer calories, avoid soft drinks as these are made up of 150 empty calories. Rather intake as much water as you can as an alternative to soft drinks. It will surely work for losing weight.
Don’t take fat/calories burning supplements as these have disastrous effects on health and fitness.