Pakistani Raw Mango Juice recipe

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Pakistani Raw Mango Juice recipe image

Pakistani Raw Mango Juice recipe


  • Raw Mangoes 1 kg
  • Sugar   1 kg
  • Lemons    4
  • Black salt    a pinch
  • Water  8 glasses
  • Mint leaves few


  • Peel and boil raw mangoes. When they become tender, take them off flame and letthem cool.
  • De-seed the mangoes and mash them in the same water, then blend them in a blender.
  • Put ground raw mangoes back in the pot, add sugar and cook on low flame.
  • When all the sugar has dissolved, take it off flame. When it cools, add lemon juice andblack salt.
  • When completely cooled, transfer into a bottle and keep in fridge.


  • Before serving, put 2 tbsp juice in a glass of water; add ice, and garnish with mint leaves.