Pakistani Cricketer Muhammad Amir decides to marry his Lawyer

October 8, 2012 5:26 pmComments Off on Pakistani Cricketer Muhammad Amir decides to marry his LawyerViews: 150

According to the news, Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Amir who is currently prohibited to be in the team fell in love with his lawyer Sajida Malik and they both are intending to marry soon. The female lawyer is a British citizen.
According to a report of Daily Jang, seemingly Amir fell in love with his lawyer when he was caught in “spot-fixing scandal” which began in 2012 later on their friendship grew and turned to love gradually. Sajida was first introduced by the Pakistan Cricket Board in the team when spot-fixing scandal suddenly came into notice in England. She was born in United Kingdom but she is fluent in some local languages of Pakistan.
According to the report there was an interesting incident when in some meeting, both Amir and his lawyer Sajida were present. She took a glass of water and had few sips and placed back the glass, leaving marks of lipstick on it, on table with some water remaining in the glass. Later on Amir surprised the rest people in the meeting when he took the same glass and drank remaining water which evidently gave the clue that they both were in love.
The report claims that, despite that fact that the lawyer Sajida is some years older than Amir; they both are going to marry with their family’s agreement.