Mirror Curtain for the Doorway

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* Curtain Rod

* UHU Glue

* Fish-Wire

* Mirror Discs


* Purchase small sized circular mirror discs or assorted sizes.

(Approximate cost is Rs.1000)

* Purchase a curtain rod from any general hardware store.

(Approximate cost is Rs.200)



1) Measure the distance from doorway head to the floor.

2) Cut fish wire to the length you want.

3) Tie the fish wire to the clip rings and insert them into the curtain rod. (Make sure to make a double-knot)

4) Glue the mirror discs to the wire. Put glue on both sides of the mirror discs.

5) You can make a mirror curtain in any way you like!


* Use small mirror discs of the same size.

* Use small, medium, and large discs. On the fish wire, glue small mirror discs, then medium sized ones, and then large discs.

* Use both small and large discs. Glue small mirror discs then large discs. Continue pattern throughout!

6) Once you are finished, have the curtain rod hung up.


Posted by Aurelia Bambi