Mineral Water sold by Pakistani Companies contain poisonous material

November 5, 2012 4:12 pmComments Off on Mineral Water sold by Pakistani Companies contain poisonous materialViews: 55


Karachi: According to a survey report a considerable part of population in Pakistan consume mineral water though the fact is disclosed that many of the companies are selling poisonous water.
According to Ministry of Science and Technology’s Council’s report, the fact came across that more than 25 companies, selling mineral water, contains ingredients which are harmful to health and can cause cancer, blood pressure, diarrhoea, skin diseases, kidney and fetal disorders.
Some of the companies, being exposed for selling poisonous water include Happy Life, Nation, National, Aqua Water, Crystal Line, Premier, National Lock, Aqua National, Nadiq Water, Aqua Safe, Consumable, Legenda, Shor Ka Pani, Hygienic, Marjan, New Everest, Clear, Rise and some other as well. The water is found to contain more arsenic and sodium than usual.