Love In Fashion

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Relationships , seems like everyone has this one thing in common nowadays . ‘ She betrayed’ , ‘He broke my heart’ , ‘It didn’t work out’ , these are the lines we hear from teenagers like they are talking about some usual stuff . Well , this doesn’t mean I am some conservative minded girl or a hypocrite . Its all what I see from my portion , you can disagree if you want ..

The idea of being in love and being loved by somebody¬† can make everyone gets butterflies in stomach . It’s sweet and everyone wants it , but , ever wondered , is this really ‘Love’ ?? the love that they say happens and lasts forever ?
Mostly , nowadays its like ‘Love = being in fashion’.. or if you’re not in a relationship or you don’t have a gf/bf beside you , you’re outdated ..

As I observe around me ,there are alot of broken hearts , happily committed or brokeup and patching up people .. Writing about it all I remember when I was among them , till I was a teenager . and at the night of my nineteenth birthday I stepped into the reality finally . I started seeing things like a big mature girl , but all I regret now is the teenage that could be more fun with friends , family and other stuff that was almost wasted in complications , tears solving problems and all .. and somehow I just wanna let know every teenager , Guys ! this is the best part of your life , don’t ruin it in things which are just a fashion statement at the moment .. You can also be fashionable and open minded without getting yourself in a relationship .. We get mature anyhow , but then all we have left in hands is to regret ..

Some people might think I am against love or what , calm down I’m not ..
All i think is it should be constant and forever.. ‘Forever’ , Yeah it is a real thing if we let it come to us at the right time and right place .. Forever happens , its not a delusion , I believe it does , just stop rushing into relationships like you rush into the closet to pick up the most fashionable dress !!

article by Zehra A.Ghaffar