” Like A Doll ” by Zehra A Ghaffar

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Doll image


She was a little girl with beautiful sparkling eyes, bright thoughts and a magical smile. Smile that can catch any one’s eye. Loved to play with dolls infact herself was like a doll. So young to understand what people say and what they actually mean to say. Her ‘Baba’ was her hero, the most handsome man of the world and her ideal. Was living in her own small beautiful world. But she grew older.. Now she started dreaming..Things that almost all teenage girls love to dream about..

She wanted to be loved now , to be loved by a man who should be like her baba , the perfect gentleman..Handsome , caring , trustworthy and most of all worth loving..She waited for so long until she finally met him..

He was more than she always wanted..His brown sparkling eyes got deep down her young little heart..Anytime she walked beside him, with his attractive smile and magical moves he made her skip her heartbeat..
He used to call her ‘Doll’ and she was crazy about how he calls her ‘Doll‘..
But the cruel world soon brought her into the bitter reality of life..She experienced how people can change , how mean they can be sometimes and how it feels to watch them change all over !!
He , who promised her to stand by her till death, left her just because he started liking a super hot girl who wanted him to be with her..He , who used to call her doll ,actually played with her like a doll and threw her away..
He was so weak that soon after finding another option he just decided to leave her..The simple words ” Sorry! Now I am not into you ” were not enough for that little girl to heal the pain and scars that he left for her..
And in the moment , she became a big girl.. She is now alone , sitting in a corner of her bedroom with tears rolling down off her eyes , ached heart and shattered dreams.. She threw the dolls out of her window that she used to play with , she hates the word Doll now as it reminds her of his voice saying this to her..
And finally now she knows not everyone is going to be like her baba whom she can trust.. She can’t trust any one in this horrible world and not everyone is worth loving !!
Story posted by ZEHRA A GHAFFAR