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I had just gone through the movie life as we
know it was 6.5 out of 10 but
its good for a Sunday night with a hand of
yours in the pop corn packet
coming back to the point i was just
thinking my 2 years which passed at a rapid pace. between those 2 years many a
times i had dreams standing next
to shehbaz sharif for a prize as position
holder (someone can laugh
about it but i really dreamt)
in matric i was just 9 steps(marks) from that dream. In fsc i got real good
marks my percentage was touching 90
i was a real popular student among my
peers (i was on cloud nine)
to be honest
i was a bit selfish back then.Next i thought i would definitely get
admission in good gov. Medical college in
lahore definitely
but then i failed in mcat entry test i would
call it a failure as i did not
get admission.A huge regret, all my integrity, my
pride,everything turned to dust.
Now i am waiting fr my moment and the biggest thing, that is calling Allah
Almighty for help.The main thing was can you really plan your entire
life ? Do you really think
life is what we know about it ?
I guess not. There is luck and many other things which matter alot.
I would advise (well i am in position to do that) to those students
full of energy and zeal that they should not get obsessed with their
aims. Achieving aim is not the only thing for which you came in this
world. Interact with the people around you.Don’t think that they are
useless or they are not important in your life.I just don’t want
anyone to make the mistakes which i did.But there is a fun part that
my father quotes about me every now and then and that implies to all
young people
‘hey,Shery,you never learnt anything from my experience.
You experienced it and payed the price’
And i listen his words with an awe smile on my face.

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