Kamran Faisal’s cell phone records is inquired from PTA by SC

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Kamran Faisal murder

Kamran faisal cell phone record:

Islamabad: Kamran Faisal’s cell phone record is required by SC for investigation of the case of his mysterious death. According to the new Supreme Court, while hearing the case of NAB investigator Kamran Faisal’s death, notices have been issued to Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), IG Islamabad and medical superintendent of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, as reported by Express News reported on Thursday.
Justice Jawad S Khawaja who headed a two-member bench of the Supreme Court, ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to provide Kamran Faisal’s phone record in a CD. Further, IG Islamabad was questioned for not entering an FIR regarding the case till yet. To which IG Islamabad responded that there was no applicant for filing a case, and that was the reason for not entering an FIR regarding the case.
Justice Khilji Arif Hussain asserted that if a crime has been committed, the police itself can file a case and can register an FIR against the suspects. The Supreme Court went through further investigation by watching CCTV footage of Federal Lodges in which Kamran Faisal was seen coming in and going out of the accommodation. The next hearing is adjourned till January 28.
The story behind the scene is that Kamran Faisal, who was the investigator of the rental power plants scam, which involved the prime minister, was found dead by hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room on Friday. Even though the postpartum report ruled his death a suicide, Kamran Faisal’s family and colleagues didn’t agree to the postpartum report and requested for a judicial investigation.