Junaid Jamshed favors to restore the YouTube by government

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Junaid Jamshed is in favor of restoration of YouTube. Junaid Jamshed is hitting news these days as he is working on a new project of him, “Naya Pakistan” with collaboration o Junoon. And recently he spotlighted news by his statement favoring YouTube. YouTube was banned few months back over the issue of blasphemous video against Islam. The decision of banning YouTube was criticized by majority of the people from general population to journalists and musicians.

Govt-Should-Restore-Youtube-junaid jamshed

Junaid Jamshed now gave a statement favoring the restoration of YouTube. He asserted that, “I think we have already made our point by banning it — now it should be restored immediately“It is a free medium of information for people and plays a pivotal role in religious education because a large number of people go on YouTube to read the Quran and other religious texts,” Jamshed added.