Important Abbreviations

March 25, 2012 11:05 am2 commentsViews: 60

Here are some important Abbreviations associated with computer and web Technology.

HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
ROM : Read Only Memory
RAM : Random Access Memory
BIOS : Basic Input- Output System
MODEM : Modulation- Demodulation
CAD : Computer Aided Design
LAN : Local Area Network
WAN : Wide Area Network
E-Mail : Electronic Mail
CD : Compact Disk
LDU : Liquid Display Unit
CPU : Central Processing Unit.
DOS : Disk Operating System.
HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language.
LLL : low Level Language.
MPU : Micro Processor Unit.
PROM : Programmable Read Only Memory.
WWW. World Wide Web.
WLAN : Wireless Local Area Network.
Wi-fi : Wireless Fidelity
GUI : Graphical User Interfaces.
CUI : Command User Interfaces.
MAC : Media Access Control.
LCD : Liquid Crystal Display.
ISH : International Super Highway.
CAM : Computer Aided Manufacturing.
FAX : Far Away Xerox
VDU : Visual Display Unit.