How to make your eyes beautiful,Get rid of dark circles‏

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Eyes are the mirrors which reflect your soul. Your eyes are the reflection of your personality beautiful eyes are the dream of every women.

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To be the attractive personality you have to care your eyes and save these from harmful environmental conditions. Eyes problems like dark circles, eye bags and short eyelashes. Â These all problems have some causes that will lead to unattractive eyes.

  • Restlessness
  • Tension, stress
  • Less sleep time
  • Unbalance diet
  • Not using spectacles
  • Not using sun glasses
  • Extra use of contact lenses
  • Studying in low light
  • Extra use of cosmetics like, mascara , eye shades

All these causes of Eyes problems like dark circles, eye bags and short eyelashes.


To remove eye circles

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Cucumber is very effective home remedy to remove dark circles. Use cucumber slices to refresh your eyes. Place cucumber slices on your eyes daily that will remove dark circles.

Take proper sleep and balanced diet.

You can use eye cubes to refresh your eyes. Take 2 eyes cubes and rapped into soft cloth and put on your eyes daily.

You can use tomato slices to remove dark circles same like the cucumber slices.

Apply Almond oil on your dark circles regularly before going to sleep and wash this in the morning.

For Strong and long eyelashes


Castor oil is very valuable for long and strong eyelashes. Apply the castor oil with the help of cotton pad before going to sleep and wash it in the morning.

Olive oil is also very useful for long eyelashes.

Almond oil also gives you strong and healthy eyelashes and shining eyes.

Apply the warm milk with the help of cotton pads on your eyelashes this will give lengthy look to your eyelashes.

Balanced diet for beautiful eyes

Regularly take breakfast on the time. Soak the Almonds in the night and take away peal of it and use with the lukewarm milk in the morning.

Take one apple daily and increase the carrots and green vegetables intakes.

Must use the spectacles if you have weak eye sight.

Use the sun glasses.