Height of Facebook Addiciti0n

March 29, 2012 3:27 pm1 commentViews: 23

Height of Facebook Addiciti0n


Height of Facebook Addiciti0n:
A b0y’s fb status
I’m onLine on fb during Lecture hahaha* 🙂

Comment fr0m his pr0fess0r:*Get out of the cLass n0w* :p

Dean Liked comment! 😉

Friend commented:*jaLdi aa yar, cafe may fit mahoL hy* 😀

Gate keeper’s comment:*Saab pehLe idhar aa k apni bike Lock kardein*:-P

Mom commented:*NaLaik cLass ni parhni toh sabzi Le k seedha ghar wapis aa..*:-P

DaD cOmmented: Dkhlo apne betay ki harkatain..:/

G.f cOmmented: I Hate U! :@ mUjhse kaha tha Daddi hOsPitaL may hyn miL nai sakta*

Daddi cOmmented:ManhOos tU ghar aa batati hOoN tUjhe* =P 😉