Grow your own Roof Garden!

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Grow your own Roof Garden!

For those of us not blessed with lawns in front of or in the backyard of our home, we can still create a beautiful garden. Where? Up on the roof! A roof garden is an excellent way to utilize the space available on our roofs. Not only are residents provided with decorative benefits; roof gardens provide space for entertaining guests, habitat for wildlife, architectural enhancement, temperature control and hydrological benefits.

Most people have a lot of junk or old wooden bed frames on their roofs. What purpose do these items serve? It only makes your home look more like a mess! And I believe if there are items, which are broken or unusable; it’s better to sell them, give them away to someone who will find use for it, or just throw them away. The less junk you have, the better your home is! No matter how troublesome the task is to clear space on your roof, it simply must be done!

Creating a roof garden requires good planning, capital and most importantly imagination. It is up to an individual to decide how much they want to invest into their roofs. Individuals can turn to professionals or do it themselves. Some roof gardeners keep it simple and have planters, plants, and dining or lounging furniture. Others with a serious passion for gardening even have outdoor structures such as pergolas and sheds, and automated irrigation and lighting systems. Whatever garden an individual aims for; roof gardens bring out the best in your home! And don’t be shy about the structure of your home. Even sloped or curved roofs can be greened!

Ideas to Consider

* Plants

* Planters

* Garden Accessories (Arches, Bird Feeds, Decorative Items, Wind Chimes)

* Garden Rooms (Potting Sheds, Tool Sheds, Gazebo)

* Hand Tools/Electrical Tools

* Outdoor Lighting

* Water Features

* Exterior Paint

* Paving

* Pebbles

* BBQ and Patio heaters

* Play Centers and Swing Sets

* Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is available in many forms. They are obtainable in wood, iron, and hemp. Dining sets, sofa sets, coffee table and chairs, hanging chairs and loungers are commonly purchased. While buying, pay attention to detail and select only the best cushions, seat pads and parasol, which goes with the theme of your garden!

Word of Caution

Before building your garden, check the condition of the roof. It is a common belief roof gardens increase water leakage or damage to the roof. This claim is untrue. Planting bed surfaces are a good way to protect and insulate roofing systems. However, problems can occur if the roof is not sturdy to handle equipment used for both construction and everyday gardening. Pay attention to roof drainage systems as they might get clogged with soil, or vegetation, and water is forced to sit on the roof for long time.

One must always want a change for themselves and for the situation around them. The reality is only the beginning! It was once said, “Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination”. Happy Gardening!


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