Give Your Room a New Look!

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Give Your Room a New Look!

For many years, I had become tired of looking at my bedroom and other rooms as well! I wanted a change. I spoke to my family and requested them to splurge and purchase items to make our home beautiful but the refused! They thought they had done a modest job in decorating and I was only wasting their time. But I felt different! I had a conviction inside that I had to make the change! Strapped on cash and without interior decorating experience, all odds were against me but I stood up to the challenge. I knew if my family would not take responsibility to bring the change, I will! And so my quest started. With God’s blessings and a lot of hard work, I have been able to decorate my bedroom, living room, dining room and my parents’ bedroom! And had I any more rooms in my house, I would have decorated them too!

Where to Start!

1. Flip through pages of decor magazines for great ideas!

2. Find inspiration while visiting friends and relatives!

3. Go to markets and see what is out there!

I checked out large department stores and hyper-marts in my area. I also turned to B class markets such as Shah Alam, Ichra, Anarkali, Moon Market (LAHORE) for more ideas. It is a great idea to go to such markets as they have many shops for decoration purposes and sell objects at a very low cost. In fact, many of the objects available in large department stores are sold in these markets for less than half the price.

Case in Point-I wanted to purchase a glass vase for my dining table. The local department store sold it for Rs. 3000! At first, I felt discouraged. But after visiting the markets, I found similar vases made from good material at less than half the price. And be it my luck or good intentions, I found a perfectly shaped vase in excellent condition for only Rs. 450!

Select a theme!

I wanted my bedroom to have a young girl feel to it. I wanted my bedroom to be filled with objects commonly associated to young girls. I wanted fairies, teddy bears, hearts, and other cute objects to have a presence in my room.

Select a color!

I love pink and I knew this color would dominate my bedroom. I also chose to play with colors which complement pink such as other shades of pink and red. I also worked with contrasting colors such as green and gold.

Action Plan!

I knew I could not buy all things at once so I made a list of what I wanted to buy. I knew if I focus on painting my room or getting it carpeted, I would be out of cash. I felt it was more important to purchase accessories, which will bring out the best in my bedroom. Keeping in mind the chosen color and theme, I headed to the markets and sought decoration pieces that look beautiful and will provide utility. I have ordered the items below from low price to high price.


* Wreath for Doorway

* Tissue Box and Waste Basket Set (MATCHING)

* Alarm Clock

* Vase and flowers

* Large Painting

* Wall Clock

* Decoration Pieces (i.e. Fairy Statue)

* Jewelry Storage boxes

* Coin Bank

* Basket for stuffed toys

* Beaded Curtain

* Window Curtains

* Bed sheets

* Coffee Table and Chairs

Word of Caution

Although there are many more things I would have liked to purchase to decorate my room even further, I kept in mind the budget as well as the bedroom space I am working with. I did not want to crowd my room with a lot of things. I wanted a few but noticeable items that will catch the eye right away and create a good impression. Try to purchase items, which will provide utility and look great simultaneously!

Case in Point– I purchased a teddy bear statue, which functions as both a decoration piece and coin bank. The absolute cute teddy bear is holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a big heart in another. But turn it around, and you see a slit for coins to be deposited in!


Through this process of decorating my bedroom as well as other rooms in my house, I fell in love with interior decorating. It was a challenge changing the look of the entire house and knowing I used my savings and my creativity makes me proud of myself! My confidence has grown and I feel when I move elsewhere, I can rely on myself to make a positive change.

Posted by Aurelia Bambi