Get Rid of Your Extra Belly in Just 1 Month by Following 7 Easy Steps

May 3, 2012 4:26 pm1 commentViews: 104

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We really want to get rid of out extra belly and indeed we are always ready to work on it but huge lag comes when we couldn’t find exact formula or hit with thousands of views and so called expert advices to lose weight.

Let me crack on you secret recipe of most of the actors, models and studs of your social circle.

They do i simply by some of the eliminations and add-ons in their eating and sleeping habits.

Let me elaborate them in seven easy steps starting by eliminations followed by Add-ons


  1. Eliminate Sugar from your regular diet as much as you can if needed you can use diet sugar or brown sugar
  2. Say No to Potato.
  3. Eliminate Oily products from your Diet. It includes (baked items, confectioneries, regular Gravies cooked at our Pakistani kitchens, rice cooked in oil like Biryani, ice-cream and Pastas)
  4. Eliminate carbonated Drinks from you routine diet


  1. Take SIX meals instead 2 or 3 balky meals to your diet but reduce the quantity by 1/3 of your previous meal.
    1. Add and develop meal from food enrich in terms of proteins which should be from the list of fat burning foods (like Jalapeno, habaneros, and cayenne peppers, chicken, whole beans, white meat, olive oil, berries , beans, oranges, vegetables etc)
    2. Add any Herbal tea to your diet twice a day and don’t forget to take good amount of water to avoid dehydration.
    3. Have a Six hour must sleep and try to wake up early with that at least 2 kilometer walk and jog if you are less than 40.
    4. Here comes the last and the most interesting part add a treat day to you week. Set a day it could be Friday, Sunday or another day. On this day you can have whatever you want to have from eliminations but only for one meal. Don’t cheat…

These are the simple seven steps that anyone can follow and can get desired results. I suggest you one more thing that before get start calculate your BMI and set milestones for a month. Then plan for next month.


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