Get into Shape!

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Get into Shape!

Way back when, I used to weigh a lot and I wanted a change! I would go for a walk in the park almost daily but it didn’t do much for me. I would join different gyms but would quit a few months later. But after much contemplation, and advice from friends, I knew I had to try again.


I improved my eating habits. I now take fewer portions of meals on my plate. If I have a chance to go walking to the market, I take the opportunity to do so! And when I am home, I exercise! I’m in no way against going to the gym. However, it is more convenient to have a gym set up at home. It saves both time in traveling to and fro and it also saves money on membership.


What I have at home

* Jump rope

* 1 Kg Dumbbells

* Yoga Mat

* Twister


My routine

1. I lay the yoga mat on the floor and use the jump rope. By jumping 100 times, I feel pumped up to continue further.

2. I then use 1 kg dumbbells for the “dumbbell side bend exercise”. The method is to “Grasp dumbbell with arm straight to side. Bend waist to opposite side of dumbbell until slight stretch is felt. Lower to opposite side and repeat. Continue with opposite side”.

3. Then I exercise the gluteus with a routine called “Dog Leg Raise”. The method is to ““Start on your hands and knees. Keep your knees bent and lift one leg at a time up. Put your knee perpendicular to the ground.

Squeeze your bottom, lift your leg up and then bring it back down. Repeat 10 X on each leg.”

4. Then, I lie on the mat and begin stomach exercises. I work out both upper and lower stomach.


I. For the upper stomach

Lie on your back with knees bent. Cross your arms and place them over your chest. Lean forward halfway and then go back to the mat again. Repeat this 30 X.

You do a crunch halfway to focus only on the upper portion.


II. For the lower stomach

Lie on your back with knees bent. Place both hands by your hips. Now, push your hands and hip upwards. Rock your body back and forth. Make sure your head stays rested to the floor! Do this routine 30 X.


5. Finally, I use the twister machine to work my sides. I twist 100 X. This machine is very effective in getting feminine curves!


No exercise routine is complete without:

* Music Speakers

* Nike Exercise outfit and sneakers


I love having loud dance music because it keeps the workout from getting mundane. I also love having the complete workout. It motivates me to exercise!


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