Get in the Shade!

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Get in the Shade!

Summer. What does it give us? Unbearable heat and damaging sunlight! What’s worse is that we cannot hide ourselves from summer’s effects. Stepping out is a compulsion for any student, employee or for anyone who has to be out in the market. We wear sunscreens and don the latest fashionable shades but still we wind up exposing ourselves to the terrible sunlight. Having a crispy tan and increasing one’s chances for skin cancer is a dreadful thought. Something must be done to give us cool shade! As hibernation during summer months is an unfeasible option, the only solution to such a big problem is to use a parasol or umbrella.

Before you laugh at the idea of carrying an umbrella, think about it. Is there more sunlight or more rain in Pakistan? With Pakistan being one of the hottest countries around, it only makes sense to use an umbrella on sunny days. Exposure to sun not only gives a tan and increases chances for skin cancer, it also makes one age faster. Sunlight causes most wrinkles and age spots on our faces! How does the sunlight damage our skin? Ultraviolet (UV) light damages skin fibers known as elastin. Once elastin is broken, the skin begins to age! There are visible signs of sagging, and stretching. The skin not only bruises more easily, it also takes longer to heal! So why put yourself at risk? It’s time to get smart and purchase a parasol or umbrella.

Both items are hand-held portable devices and protect users against rain or sunlight but there is a difference between parasol and umbrella. An umbrella is a canopy designed to protect from rain while a parasol is more suited to protect from sunlight. A parasol may or may not protect from rain due to the difference in materials. I support the use of either one. As long as one is shaded from the sunlight, the purpose is fulfilled.

I happen to use a parasol. On my visit to India a year ago, I purchased it from a gift shop near JodhaBai Palace in Fatehpur Skri. Parasols are available in various colors and sizes and are beautifully embroidered. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get one and I am so glad I did! For those of us whose taste in fashion differs, there are shops worldwide that sell parasols in different materials. Lace,

paper, and silk parasols look delicate and beautiful. Vinyl and printed umbrellas are also a fashionable choice.

Whatever you choose, have confidence to use the umbrella or parasol of your choice. You will keep cool and protect yourself from serious damage! Anyone who smirks at the sight of an umbrella in sunlight is just an ignorant fool. Have assurance you are doing the right thing and keep cool!


Posted by Aurelia Bambi