Generation Y, Let the Revolution Begin!

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Assalam-o-Alaikum, Millennials 🙂 Aaj maine aap se aik important issue pe baat krni hai.. Trust me it’s just gonna take 10 15 minutes of your time.. Article ki length se darna mat plz 😀

As you all know the 2013 Elections are coming up and everyone is pumped up for them. Good.. Hona chahiye pumped up.. But do you know how important your vote is? Do you have ANY idea what your vote can do to this country? Pakistan mai Revolution ana sirf aik vote k faaslay par hai 🙂 So the issue rises “Who do I vote for?”

Should I vote who my family tells me to vote? Should I vote for the party jin k manifesto mai sirf Bhutto khandaan ki wafaat ka rona hai? Should I vote for the party jo 1980 se le kar ab tak total 26 years iqtadaar mai rahi aur Pakistan mai koi revolution nai laa payi? Or should I vote for a party jin pe allegations lgaye jaa raye hain k “America k agents hain” ya “Corrupt party members hain” etc?

Well mai PPP ki baat nai krun gi.. Bechare aaj kal waise hi bohat ro raye hain Bhutto’s ko le k..

*Note* – Beshaq aap N-League k supporter hain ya PTI k, plz read this once.. I’m not going to insult or offend anyone!

As you all know N-League bari martaba iqtadaar mai ayi 1980 se le kar ab tak.. Nawaz Sharif aik dafa CM Punjab, aur do dafa PM Pakistan.. Shahbaz Sharif do dafa CM Punjab etc.. Mashaa Allah unho ne kuch achay kaam bhi kiye.. But dekha jaye to jis Pakistan mai abhi hum jee rahe hain, do you feel content? Do you feel safe? Do you believe k is tarah k Pakistan mai aap k bacchon ka khush’haal mustaqbil hai? Do you not feel sorry for your brothers and sisters who are dying everyday because of terrorism, hunger, poverty, corruption?

PML-N aur PPP ne mil k itnaaaaaay saal Pakistan pe rule kiya, Pakistan kabhi 1 qadam agay barha, 4 qadam peechay chala.. Itnay saal’on mai Pakistan bechara wahi ka wahi hai na?? Still!! Kya revolution aa paya?? Kya corruption khatam hui?? Kya hamare mulk k log KHUSH hain?? Are they HAPPY?? CONTENT??

Ab pichle 5 saal’on ko hi dekh len.. Bari mazay ki baat hai, ghaur se parhna! 😀

N-League supporters kehte hain k ‘N’ brought a revolution in Punjab! Sarken banwai, Laptops diye, Metro Bus mansooba chalaya, Dengue ko kahatam kiya.. Oh yes they diddd! But have you actually observed the timeline in which all these projects took place??

Pehle 4 saal’on mai to log Dengue se martay rahe, koi sarken nai bani, koi Laptops nai baantay gaye, koi Metro bus nai chali? Phr achanak yeh sab kaise in the last year of their tenure?

Agar aap ko yaad ho to 30th October 2011 ko Minar-e-Pakistan mai aik jalsa hua tha, in which Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf introduced itself as a major competition. They posed a threat to the other parties. That ‘Jalsa’ was one of THE most iconic “Jalsas” in the history of Pakistan.

Ab ayi mazay ki baat 😀 Laptops k liye registrations kab start hui? December 2011 mai.. Sarken kab bani? Metro bus kab chali? Laptops kab batay? Dengue k khilaaf kaam kab start hua? Saabb kuch 2012 mai.. Kyun? Do you see the relation of these events?

Is ka jawab maine Marketing mai seekha 🙂 I learned in marketing that “Competition Dictates the Market.”

Jab tak PTI didn’t present itself as a threat to ‘N’, Punjab mai tab tak koiiiii kaam nai hua.. 30th October ka jalsa hotay SATH hi they planned k agay elections anay walay hain, chalo logon k apne tax k diye hue paiso ko use kar k unhi ka vote KHAREEDEN is se pehle PTI wins their heart.

Competition dictates the market. Imran Khan dictated the market! So pyaray bacchon, aap ko jo laptops mile ve hain arayy yeh sab Imran Khan ki waja se mile haaiin 😀 Pichle 5 saal’on mai aap k sath kuuucchh acha nai hua, sirf is aakhri saal mai inho ne aap ko AAP hi k tax k paiso se “chiji” baant k aap k vote khareed liye! Aur ap k vote bik bhi gaye.. So sad na?

Imran Khan apne har jalsay mai Quran ki aik Ayat qoute krte hain.. Wo yeh k “Allah us Qaum ki Halat Kabhi nahi Badalta Jo Qaum Khud Apni Halat nahi Badalti.”

Itni martaba aap ne yehi Noon ko yehi PPP ko baar baar moka diya,, Pakistan wahi ka wahi.. Log usi tarah marr rahe hain,, corruption usi tarah peak par hai.. Kya is qom ki haalat badli?? Kya aap chahtay hain is qom ki haalat badlay?? Kya aap ko Quran ki us ayat ki samajh ayi??

Log kehte hain k PTI mai America k agents hain (hahaha it’s so funny and pathetic i’m not even gonna comment on that), baki parties k corrupt members in k pas aa gaye hain.. But maine aik aur baat seekhi, jo k Imran Khan bhi kehte hain.. Agar TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT insaan k bacchon k haathon chalay gi to lower level management khudi seedhi ho jati hai..

Aap ne itni martaba wohi puranay sayasi khaandaano ko baar baar baar baar moka de k dekh liya.. Sirf aik baar apna faisla badal k dekhen.. Shayad Allah is qom ki haalat badal de.. Ap ko yaqeen ho na ho, par mjhe dil se YAQEEN hai k Allah is qom ki haalat zrur badlay ga :’)

I hope everyone opens their eyes and hearts and listens to what the Quran is saying to us!

Agar aap nahi samajhte, to yeh aap ki bad’kismati hai.. Is MULK ki bad’kismati hai.. Agar hamari qom yeh nahi samajhti to it DESERVES to be lead by such corrupt politicians! We deserve to die by such people’s hands. We deserve to NOT live happily ever after!

That is all!

(P.S. Agar aap ka vote registered nahi hai, the least you can do is talk to other people and make them open their eyes)

Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Pa’indabad!

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article by Abeeha Mahmood