General knowledge Facts

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Jim Daly Irishman coined the word ‘quiz’

Kent is the place known as the Garden of England

C.N.Tower,Toronto (Canada) is the tallest tower in the world

Manhattan in USA is one famous island located at the mouth of the Hudson River

Leo Hendrik Bakeland founded the hugely important plastic industry

Israel is the only country that has made military service compulsory for women.

Japan is very famous for its fish catch

Farmosa is also known as modern day Taiwan

Montreal is situated on the bank of river Ottawa

Brutus killed the famous king Julius Caesar

Germany is one of the largest beers producing country.

Revival refers to Renaissance

Hudson Bay,Canada is the largest bay in the world.

Arabia is the largest peninsula in the world.

UNIDO is United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNIDO is situated at Vienna in Austria

WMO is World Meteorological Organization

Geneva is the headquarter of WMO

Gulf of Mexico is the largest gulf in the world.

Motherland,Volgagra d Russia is the tallest statue in the world

Oshimzu Tunnel,Japan is the largest railway tunnel in the world

Tristan da cunda is the world’s loneliest island.

Rhodesia is the place where famous Victoria Falls is located

Gerald Tisyum was the name of the person who discovered Ice Cream

Trick was the original meaning of `Quiz’

Oxford Street is the busiest shopping center of London.

Buckingham Palace is also known as the residence of the Queen in London.

Austria was the country where notorious Adolf Hitler was born.