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1.Ice Lotion was found by Gerald Tisyum.
2. The variety considered as fortunate variety in Tuscany is 12.
3. Napoleon experienced from alurophobia which indicates Worry of kittens and cats.
4. The aero aircraft were used in war for the first time by Italians. (14 Oct.1911)
5. Captivity in The united states was removed by Abraham Lincoln subsequently.
6. The Head office of fabric developing in Britain is Stansted.
7. The well-known Area placed at the mouth area of the Hudson Stream is New york.
8. The creator of nasty industry was Leo Hendrik Baekeland.
9. The country where army assistance is necessary for women is Israel.
10. The country which has more than 10,000 programs is USA.
11. The well-known artwork ‘Mona Lisa’ is shown at Louvre art gallery, London.
12. The previously name for tomato was Love apple.
13. The first Chief professional of USA was Mom Florida.
14. The well-known terms ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ were said by Julius Caesar.
15. The practice of cleanliness of surgery equipment was presented by John Lister.
16. The variety of nations around the world which took part in the first Olympic Game headings organised at Athens was nine.
17. Mercury is also known as Quick Precious metal.
18. Disney land is placed in Florida, USA.
19. The country which designed the first highly effective long range rockets is Malaysia.
20. Regular sewing Device was designed by Isaac M. Musician.
21. Including Device was designed by Aldrin.
22. The nationwide symbol of The country is Eagle.
23. Archimedes was blessed in Sicily.
24. The complete area of Vatican Town is 0.272 rectangle miles.
25. The greatest forehead on the planet is Angkor Wat in Kampuchea.
26. The greatest dome on the planet is La Superdome, New Orleans, USA.
27. The greatest strait on the planet is Tartar Strait.
28. The Mohenjo-Daro remains are found in Larkand Section of Sind, Pakistan.
29. The greatest town of African-american is Cairo.
30. The creator of KODAK Organization was Eastman.
31. The ‘Cape of Good Hope’ is placed in Southern region African-american.
32. The Gatwick Flight terminal is placed in London, uk.
33. The fluorescent table lamp was designed by Georges Claude.
34. The last mail of the Ancient abc is Ω.
35. The place known as the area of Lincoln subsequently is Il.
36. The US condition Ut is also known as Beehive condition.
37. The Kalahari Leave is placed in African-american.
38. The Patagonian desert is placed in Argentina.
39. The person known as the dad of aeronautics is Sir Mom Cayley.
40. The most largely booming Area on the planet is Honshu.
41. The two nations around the world Haiti and the Dominion Republic together type the Area of Hispaniola.
42. The greatest automatic creator in the USA is Common Engines.
43. The greatest automatic generating country is Asia.
44. The well-known ‘General Motors’ company was founded by Bill Durant.
45. The country that delivers out the FIAT is Tuscany.
46. The first acting professional to win an Oscar was Emil Jannings.
47. The first animated color animated of full-feature duration was Snowfall Bright and Seven Dwarves.
48. The first demo of a movie was organised at London.
49. The first country to issue postage stamps was Britain.
50. The acting professional who is considered as the greatest western celebrity of the quiet films is Tom Mix.
51. The Government is placed at Florida DC.
52. The greatest car developing business is Chevy Engines, JAPAN.
53. The greatest company of bikes is Idol Periods, Indian.
54. The most ancient undercover train is at London, uk.
55. The Bright Home was coloured light to cover flame damage.
56. The greatest oil generating country in African-american is Nigeria.
57. The greatest river in Italy and European nations around the world is Volga Stream.
58. The first Emperor of Malaysia was Wilhelm.
59. The last France Monarch was Louis Napoleon III.
60. “History is Bunk” was said by Mom Honda.
61. The phrase ‘astrology’ basically indicates Star Conversation.
62. Togo is located in African-american.
63. Fossil fuel is also known as Black Precious stone.
64. The first Fighter to win 3 silver awards in Olympic games was Laszlo Papp.
65. The first leader who started free war games for his defense force was Genghis Khan.
66. The first corner word challenge on the planet was released in 1924 by London, uk Saturday Communicate.
67. The least heavy known steel is Lithium.
68. The Atacama Leave is placed in Northern Chile.
69. The oil used to keep wood is Creosote oil.
70. The creator of USA was Mom Florida.
71. The first talkie function movie in USA was ‘The Brighten Singer’.
72. Caffeine type name of joking gas is Nitrous oxide.
73. The US condition Northern Carolina is also known as Tar Rearfoot condition.
74. The US condition Tennesse is also known as Offer condition.
75. The US condition In is also known as Hoosier condition.
76. The US condition The state of kentucky is also known as Pink Lawn condition.
77. The US condition known as ‘Pine Free State’ is Vermont.
78. The US condition known as ‘Mountain State’ is Western Va.
79. The US condition known as ‘Land of 1000 Lakes’ is New york.
80. The popular investigator personality created by Agatha Christie is Hercule Poirot.
81. The Pakistani Chief professional who passed away in an air collision was Zia-ul-Huq.
82. Yogurt indicates Fermented use.
83. United states is the handle of United states.
84. The Worldwide court of The law is placed in Hague, Netherlands.
85. The headquarters of Community Bank is placed at Florida DC.
86. Victoria Drops was found by Mark Livingstone.
87. The strategy to generate the first test pipe baby was progressed by Meat Steptoe and Robert
88. The most ancient personal school of Britain is the Oxford University.
89. The name of the large time on the structure of the Home of Parliament in London, uk is called Big Ben.
90. Prado Museum is placed in The city.
91. The variety of important factors in an standard guitar is 80 eight.
92. ‘Man is a Device Making Animal’ was said by Ben Franklin.
93. The phrase ‘anesthesia’ was created by Oliver Wendell Holmes.
94. The first man to arrive at Antarctica was Fabian Gottlieb.
95. The Kilimanjaro volcano is located in Tanzania.
96. The innovation that is considered to have designed The united states is Tremendous.
97. Words that contains all the vowels: Verification, Payment, Knowledge, Vehicle,
Miscellaneous and many more.
98. Words that contain all the vowels in order: Facetious and Abstemious.
99. Words that contain all the vowels backwards order: Uncomplimentary, Unproprietary, Unoriental and
100. Words with no vowel in them: Belief, Fly, Sky, Dry, Cry, Beat, Crypt.
101. Which country reports flexibility on Eighteenth Feb 2008? – Kosovo.
102. Who was the creator of the school education system? – In german blessed lecturer Friedrich Froebel
103. What is the medical name of Vitamin C? – Ascorbic Acid
104. What is the complete way of GPRS? – Common Supply R / c stations Service
105. Which was the first school founded in the world? – Nalanda University
106. What is complete way of CEO, CFO & CIO titles? Primary Executive Specialist, Primary Financial