Father of three children dies in police custody in Faisalabad

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police station

Faisalabad: According to news, in a police station of Faisalabad, father of three children who was in police custody dies of heart attack. Relatives became violent on this incident.
According to the news, 33 years old Hafeez Ul Rehman was lying in CCTV of Ghulam Abad Police station and suddenly he stood up having his hand on his heart as he was having severe pain and fell down afterwards. His mates tried to get him up but he has been passed away, according to the police.
Police reported that the he was arrested in case of car theft. Right after the incident, his relatives aggressively reacted; they burnt the tires on road and said that he died of violence of people rather because of any physical illness. They applied for the investigation of the incident.