Facts about Internet and Technology

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There are many things that are unique to technology and can amuse anybody.You should know about certain facts about internet and technology that seem to look so unitentional. Did you know that Google actually was derived from a mathematical figure called googol which leads to infinite zeros. In fact yahoo too was derived through from a coin which was observed in Gulliver’s travel. It also means a person who is very active as well as repulsive in his formats and behavior. You would be surprised to know that the first search engine ever introduced was Archie in the year 1990.

The year 1993 saw the introduction of Netscape. The first ever web browser called Mosaic was also discovered in the same year. Both were founded by Marc Andreessen. The best fact would be innovating (@) which was considered as a mouse by the Chinese, a trunk by Sweden’s, a spider by Germans and snail by Italians. This often got considered as an alphabet in English language. Veronica was the first ever Gopher file created by University of computer systems of Nevada. Sweden was the first nation to have introduced as well as pioneered the internet usage in 2004. Nearly 77 % of people were connected to the net. Whereas the overall internet usage is approximately 12%. The major hits were seen on websites like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ebay, Warner network and About.com. Did you know that the literal meaning of Lycos (search engine) was Lycosidae in Latin? The term lurking or browsing meant viewing or reading through mails and sending messages.

The other important fact is to understand that internet is being utilized by millions of people and keeps increasing at the rate of 50 – 60%. The year 2009 saw Twitter, managing to gain 1300% which is ironically more than other social networking sites like Facebook. The first ever domain registration done was www.symbolics.com. The typical internet user can be described as being young, ambitious, hip and elite. The number of facebook users has increased to 24 million and most of them spend a minimum of 14 minutes every day per visit. You can now literally sell, buy products with a warranty certified from major sites like eBay, Amazon, flipkart, letbuy.in and many more. The number of domain names registered every month can easily be approximately 20 million. Lastly, radio and TV took around 13 years and 38 years to reach a million audiences, whereas internet took merely 4 years.