Effects of Black Magic on Shahid Afridi came to an end

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Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, all-rounder and the former captain of Pakistani Cricket team, just came back into form and he just came out of the effects of some black magic, according to Astrologer Hassam Butt. Previously it was reported that Shahid Afridi was under severe effects of black magic which was done by a girl. His performance was badly suffered due to this black magic. According to the details, the girl who did black magic on Shahid Afridi was in love with Shahid Afridi and wanted to marry him, but he was already married and has kids too, so the girl was disappointed by it. And she did black magic with help of some magician in envy. This affected Shahid Afridi’s performance too.
According to the recent reports, Shahid Afridi is out of the effects of this black magic and hopefully he will be performing well in future, as said by Astrologer Hassam Butt.