Dying expectations by Binish Umair

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she was a girl beautiful at heart, charming by face, attraction for many, can truly be centre of attention amongst her mates and fellows, but she was a ONE MAN girl, waiting for one sincere guy who will truly hers, praises of others didn’t bothered her ever, she always under estimated herself, unknown to her real beauty, but inside she always believed, if her life partner will appreciate her the same way like others, she will consider herself the most beautiful girl, the day came and eastern beauty got married to a good looking decent guy at young age of 20 with many dreams in her eyes, dream of LOVE and CARE, dream of being valued, being accepted the way she is, started this new journey of life with all sincere love and attention for her husband, time passed, like every woman she expected too much, or may be little womanly expectations, never fulfilled, she wanted little reasons for her happiness, she didn’t want to be degraded, but what she realized after a year of marriage, after being tired of waiting that she will never be accepted the way she is, she needs to modify her own self for being admired, for being wanted by him, she can never hear the same praise from him , heard by many in past, few extra pounds on her have undervalued the beauty of her heart, beauty of her person. She will always be compared to so called artificial beauties of society, her so very little anticipation of being appreciated, like thousands other women, diminished. She stopped hoping, she stopped expressing, at the end what she got to hear by him in return?
U are changed!

Story Posted by BINISH UMAIR