Dahi baray Recipe

March 19, 2012 6:31 pm4 commentsViews: 148

Dahi baray recipe image and photo


mash ki dal
a piece of ginger
green chillies
baking powder/ soda( here i used bp)
Boiled potatoes
Onions chopped
roasted cumin seeds
FOR Yogurt
green corriendar leaves
chat masala

soak white mash dal for 1 hour at least ,then grind it with ginger ,roasted cumin seeds ,green chilles ,baking powder and salt make big size baray and deep fry it …..then take out baray and put aside for 2 to 3 mins then dip it in a salted water / i use to make water + little bit milk and yogurt and make lasssi type liquid dip ur baray in it so that it will be soft and will not absorb the yogurt

then gently press ur baras to get rid frm the remaning water and set it in the dish …..
after setting he layer of baras cover it with yogurt
for the yogurt all u have to do is to add salt, grinded chilles and grinded hara dhania in it and garnish it with chat masala