Chicken vegetable macronies Recipe

March 18, 2012 7:36 pm0 commentsViews: 2213

chicken vegetable macronies recipe photo and image

.Elbow Macronie
.Chicken(boiled and shredded)
.green chillies
.black pepper
.soya sauce

Boil macronies and keep them aside.
chop carrots and capsicum into small pieces.
now add finely chopped onions in oil and fry them until transparent.
now add salt balck pepper and soya sauce green chillies.
add carrot and cook it until its a bit soft but still crunchy.
now mix the boiled ingredients,peas chicken.and potatoes.
cook them for few minutes and then add boiled macronies and capsicum mix them for about 5 minutes.
garnish them with mint leaves and greens chilies.
i served it with mango shake you can choose any drink you like.


By Bia Syed