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Bulbulay is a family sitcom about a typical Pakistani family, the problems they face and all sorts of trouble they get into. It airs every Sunday at 7:30 PM and from Monday-Saturday at 7:00pm on ARY Digital. It is currently the most watched drama and the reason for its popularity is the acting of Hina Dilpazar as she provides comedic value.


Main Characters

* Nabeel as Himself

A lazy, greedy and selfish man who doesn’t find a job and is always in search for a way to make quick money, often he makes an investment using his Wife’s money just to find out it was a fraud. He depends on the money his father-in-law sends to her daughter. Although he is married to Khubsoorat he is often seen flirting with other women without success, but Khubsoorat is almost never insecure about this, given his inability to pick girls up.

* Ayesha Omar as Khoobsoorat

Nabeel’s wife. She is the only sensible character, but can get greedy at times. She often tells Nabeel to get a job. Hina

* Mehmood Aslam as Mehmood

Nabeel’s step-father. Despite his old age, he tells his wife that this is his first marriage. He retired from his old job many years ago, and also receives some pension. He tries to makes him and his wife’s life as comfortable as possible, but often cheats on her. When he is told something, he often asks a question in a very unordinary fashion e.g. When he is told to open the door, he will ask: “The thing you have told me to open, is it a door?”

* Hina Dilpazar as Mumtaz (Momo)

Nabeel’s mother Mumtaz or Momo as her husband calls her, is a clueless old lady who often forgets names. She even forgets the names of her husband,son and daughter-in-law and always calls them by random names. She also forgets words and names of objects, and refers to the word with woh (that) and leaves everyone around her guessing what word she was looking for.

* Chandi

Nabeel and Khoobsoorat’s daughter.Chandi means Silver in English.

* Sona

Mehmood and Mumtaz’s son. He is also Nabeel’s step-brother.Sona means Gold in English.