Article on Training and Development By WASIF MAZHAR

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Na Ker Kaam Ker

During the last 7 years of my corporate experience with MNC’s and National companies, I have come across with some of the most interesting & challenging situations being an HR & OD Facilitator.  Some people say HR would always stay in hot waters and some say that the most difficult jobs in the world are the best jobs in the world.

Facing a number of challenges every day, from people management to achieving operational excellence, it is indeed important to understand the problem before designing or coming up with solutions. During a recent class that I teach at a business school in Lahore, one of my students asked me a simple yet tricky question which triggered me to pen my thoughts down through this article of mine. Oh before I rush into my thoughts and forget to mention the question, here it is, “Sir, How can we understand the problem and design the solution being an HR professional? Can Peter Drucker or Jim Collins Help us? “. Well, both have never been to Pakistan and never experienced some of the most interesting, complicated and challenging scenarios that we face, especially in our national companies. So time to, “THINK GLOBAL & ACT LOCAL”.

Facilitating a cultural dynamics session during the last week at a national company, I finally designed the answer for the interesting question and the hodgepodge ideas got converted into something really interesting.

wasif mazhar training model

So when I somehow made a small wish-list of competencies that an organization looks forward to build in its employees, it was about:

“Building talent, Flexibility, Adaptability & staying Emotionally Intelligent”

Some of most common responses that we hear from our fellow colleagues/workplace friends would be:

Wish-List: Building Talent:

Response: Individual Level: “Murawat” (kasay develop karoon talent yarrr, acha nahe lagta team mein kisi ko kehna ke self learning kero, focus kero, samja ker)

Asal Masla: Department Level:  Aray bhaar mein gayi learning, agar ye seekh gaya tou upper aa jaye ga aur mera kia hoga:P

Murawat = Teri Tang Mera Hath

Wish-List: Flexibility:

Response: Individual Level: “Majburi” (yarr kahan time hai bara busy hoon, chor yar)

Asal Masla: Department Level:  Na Ker Kaam Ker (Office aoo ghar jaoo, end of story)

Majburi = Na Ker Kaam Ker

Wish-List: Adaptability:

Response: Individual Level: “Tangi” (yar jasay chal raha ha theek haa)

Asal Masla: Department Level:  Qaumi Khel (koee aur tu ker nahe raha, phir mein kyu keroon?)

Tangi = Qaumi Khel

Wish-List: Emotional Intelligence:

Response: Individual Level: “Dard” (yar ye mulk mein kya ho raha ha? Abb kya ho ga?)

Asal Masla: Department Level:  Roo Matt, Kuch Ker (Choro yar chaye piyo din guzaro)

Dard = Roo Mat Kuch Ker


“Hahaha, Wasif Sb waah”, said one of the senior executive who was a participant in one of my recent coaching sessions. Well I know it will not only bring a lot of smiles but funny situational analysis as well which will help us understand our people and culture.

Let’s understand that people and situations around us is not complex or difficult, it just need the right amount of attention, focus and tons of positivity to ensure super results. It’s never about handing difficult scenarios; it’s about different tools to address these scenarios.

Article by Wasif Mazhar