Article on Political Allegory by Mariam

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Article on Political Allegory:


Word allegory literary defines, a verse with underlying meaning. A statement may convey one or more that one meaning. Very similarly, current political situation of our country compelled me to race over my pen.

Our politics conveys literary prospective like personification, irony, fable and more interesting, the definite element of humor.

Our great statesman, great as the great historical Napoleon was, were truly said to be devoted to their homeland and people when elected to rule. Like said, true ingredient of humor in politics.

Our present era has divided our country in to only two major parts, politics and politicians. One part only plays history and other adds the contents of its major revolted jolts. Coming to current Napoleon of our country, I can’t merely state, is it history in disguise or someone is trying to defeat the Great Napoleon? (Stalin of Russian revolution 1917-1941)

Napoleon bread his seeds of sound welfare of his statesman with Old Major, (Karl Marx) who had only one motto, to stop their nation, humans, specially working class from exploitation. Wonderfully we too have an Old Major ( musharraf) for granted, who also tried on welfare of his people, the working class, but ended up in rough imprints of innocent bloodshed.

Then came in Napoleon (zardari) and Snowball (sharif brothers). Snowball as always by tradition in its name came up to be weak and feeble as a ball of snow. More crucial more it melted and stayed with people who maintained him. They came in with “Communist Manifesto”, rules and terms of socialism. They took over the responsibility to educate the lower and working class of our country to make them literal power to revolt against any invading opposite power. Instead Napoleon grasped the Manifesto and swirled away Snowball. And our poor class, the working class still remains with stammering education instead of knowledge.

We, the mere example of working class, still have the clutches of slavery en rooted in our minds. We still wait for the change to come by its own. We the working class serves as the backbone of our country, and each and every person represents the true, hardcore working machine as Boxer (the working class personified to a hardworking horse Boxer in Russia).

Instead of making our working class industrialized, our statesman is busy making himself socialized. Our plan, our system, our ideology tends to fall in same way like the windmill (windmill personifies the five year plan of Russia that ended in great disaster). Only change is we use the word “Dams” that are planned, planned and only kept planned. The revolt is fired back on us. The only one who suffers is we, the working class, facing starvation, load shedding, our social needs, rites etc.

Why we still wait for the napoleon to change? On what hopes we are? We just humourize our own self, sick and nostalgic. It’s time for our own revolution, we certainly don’t tend to portray another history of “downfall of Pakistan” like Russia. We need to stand and bring forth the force. If we succeed in changing the inner earth of our own slaved minds, slavery will end, and our earth will become far more better place to dwell in.

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