Article on Misuse of Mobile Phones by Mariam

April 25, 2012 6:09 pm0 commentsViews: 529

Article on Misuse of Mobile Phones:

The popularity of texting and customizable ring tones brought the mobile phone industry to immense use. Unfortunately they have also had a bad effect on our society and have been the cause of a new public nuisance. It seems hard to remember now, but there was a time when we weren’t plagued by the constant beeping and ringing of a mobile phone. A time when we weren’t forced into listening to people’s private mobile phone conversation every time we traveled by bus or train. Events never begin with a warning to switch off our phones. But now because of mobile phones, all of this is common. It is quite a realistic portrayal of ill-mannerism when loudly receiving text messages alerts, or having mobile phone conversation. This however, isn’t the only way in which the mobile phone and text messaging has had a negative effect on our society.
Since the mobile phone has created a new way for us to interact and communicate through the use of text messaging. It has also opened up a brave new world of possible ways that we can abuse the usage of this new system of interaction. Bullying is one of the major misuses through mobile phones. It has great negative effects on us as individuals. It can be said that mobile phones have become a new choice of weapon for bullies.
Three quarters of a nation, owe a mobile phone. Our neglecting behavior provides bullies with the perfect means of toning their target with no fear of being caught. Text messages provide complete anonymity. A lot of mobile phones can be bought over the counter. Calls made from these types of mobile phones are virtually untraceable. Text messaging is a non-confrontational made of communication, bullying via this medium is more like stalking. A recipient has no way of knowing who has sent the text. So as the offensive and harassing text messages become more frequent the recipient starts to get the feeling that they are being watched. Unlike phone calls, the phone number of the sender cannot be with held and is sent along with a text message. However, bullies have the choice to send texts via the Internet, or even buy a new and separate sim with which they can dedicate to the reason why it’s very unlikely that a text bully will be caught.
Words can be so powerful that threats and abuse can sometime be more painful than physical torture. This is because it affects us in a much forceful way. Earlier we feel uninhibited when having text message conversation. On face to face communication enable us to have more courage when we are interacting, and can often cause us to be braver and more daring with our replies and questions. However, this quality  that is present in text flirting translates into text bullying in an extremely bad way. Through this means the bully has more intent on being as slanderous. Hurtful and spiteful as they can possible be when sending the written abuse.
The mobile phone craze, that boasted sales and started the teenager text message overtake, has also been the cause of another negative effects on our culture. Because teenagers are the forefront of the text message revolution. It is usually them that are in passerine of the latest and fashionable mobile phones. These young teenagers carrying expensive and desirable objects give rise to another social evil called ‘street mugging’.
Mobile mugging is not only being targeted at teenagers, but also seems to be mainly committed by them. The status that the mobile phone has reached amongst the young as a fashion symbol seems to be the main drive for the young to steal from the young. This desire to own the latest mobiles means that there will always be a hungry mobile phone black market.
Today the reply rate of text message is high due to naivety on our part recipients, receiving a text is more exciting then an email and we instantly want to send back a reply.
With the arrival of new come new problems, and text messaging has brought along its own fair share. The problem lies with in the networks. If the concentrate on trying to solve these important issues, Perhaps most of these problems would have been already solved.