Article on Happiness by Aember Awan

April 24, 2012 7:15 pm0 commentsViews: 38

Article on Happiness:

Word ‘happiness’ has different meanings and terms like contentment, pleasure, satisfaction and ecstasy. One should really defy himself to stay calm and happy. To stay calm and happy one should really try or thrive to get a satisfied and healthy life style because it has been proved in a psychological theory that no one can stay happy unless he achieves his primary needs. Happiness counts primary needs and primary needs consists on hunger drive, thirst drive, air, sex drive, self-esteem, self-actualization, shelter; safety, these are the main ingredients of primary needs. Consciously every one knows how to make our selves happy but when we go deeper inside us most of us don’t know which things make us happy or keep us calm and there is a homeostasis inside us, who asks for the balance of our mind, body and soul. Balances of everything inside or outside we possess.

Happiness is an important emotion to live and survive in this world. It’s an important and basic fervor but have we ever felt that sometimes even after getting happiness we do not feel satisfied or calm?

Have we ever given this some thought, why?

Have we ever thought that sometimes it takes more than getting happiness to satisfy our selves, how?

Because mostly we are unaware of our needs and forget the main difference between these two things ‘I want this’ and ‘I need it’. Wanting something and having a need of something are two different faces or aspects of a coin. Most of the time we want some thing so badly and at any cost that we never realize it that is this thing good or bad for us but we some how unfortunately or fortunately can realize it after having positive or negative consequences.

Some times happiness is just an observable facial expression for us whereas, on the other hand, it’s merely a pleasurable activity who positively affects our personality. When we go deeper about this word ‘happiness’ then everyone should intrigue his life at least to par to get to that goal of happiness. Elation is yarn but yet a thing which will survive to the end of this universe. There is no satisfaction in any timid or wiggly routines and lives. In this world almost every one feigns in front of each other and solders their relations whether they are content or not because every one has ulterior motives in their minds for others. But in spite of it we should vow to our selves not to feign so that we can achieve real and internal happiness and that’s how one can lead a healthy and happy satisfied life.

Yes, we can say that happiness is difficult to define and we can give some reasons for it. First one is that the meaning of happiness varies from person to person like if there are six people living in a family every one’s nature would be unique and every individual would have their own different perceptions from others, different meanings and approach of happiness. Most important thing about this phenomenon that happiness is difficult to define and in this run of life we go beyond most probably the difficult things and we want to achieve and get those things which are glistening and mostly out of our reach and in this long run we do not stop to look into our small happy worlds and that’s why some time we don’t know the reasons and meanings of very small things.

Main factors of our happiness are to fulfill our primary needs in which food, shelter, water, air and the presence of self-esteem is very important. Every one covets for luxurious lives which is really a Universal truth.

As a conclusion, happiness is really a very important part of our lives and no one can live without this main, necessary and vital fervor. Every one needs a sigh of relief with happiness and one should really stop himself and look into his small world from the long run of his life because without it no one would really want to live a dead life, without sparkly eyes, glowing faces and incentives to live.