Article on Executive coaching by Umar Rafiqe

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Article on Executive coaching:

High potential individuals and teams may need to enhance points of excellence in current or in future role. Executive coaching is one of the best approaches that can be used to promote leadership development. The clients may need to emphasize on weak areas in order to improve performance.  The coach provides motivation, build skills and refine performance to the clients. Companies usually hired executive coaches to work with manager level staffs. Management and executive ranks staff get benefited from executive coaching. Now key skills gained during coaching period are dealing with conflict and motivating teams, evaluating performance, cultivate teamwork, excellence in performance, reduce turnover among employees and conducting tough conversations. The client learns how to communicate with customers, peers, subordinates. It helps to increase communication skills, responsibility and eliminates the blocks that keeps advancing career. The client learns how to evaluate risks. It helps out to find timely and practical answers to business problems. How to maintain balance in work, personal time and family is the tactic everyone learns from coaching.  Senior executives specially focus on challenges faced by young workers. Coaching works on ethics and values with the new generation of employees. Through the feedback process, these coaches develop plans for improvement. The coach or executive can better understand what to change and how to achieve that change in organization. It is becoming a basic demand in major domestic and multinational organizations. The coach works on long and short-term strategies with clients. It is committed to observe an organization with multiple prospective. The coach recognizes the interaction of executive with the other staff. It observes the executive’s behavior with other people. Executive coaching supports executives in leadership development. Companies now look for coaches to make their leaders great. Some of companies treat executive coaching as investment that pays off big dividends.