Apple iPhone 6 Unique specification and launch date

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Apple iPhone 6 launch date:

According to a report, the anticipated launch date of new model of Apple iPhone which is iPhone 6 is announced. It is said that this is going to be the father of all Smart phones and itself going to be a super Smartphone.
Apple iPhone always succeeded to catch the attention of the people by its attractive and unique specification. This was the case when iPhone 5 came into the market and was purchased by millions of people just after few days of its launch. Now people are looking forward towards the new model of iPhone, which is iPhone 6.
There are certain anticipations about unique specifications of iPhone 6 including:
• Quad-core ARM Cortex A15 processor
• Design similar to iPhone 5
• iOS 7
• 4-inch IPS variant with a resolution of 1917×1080 pixels
• 12 MP camera
The anticipated launch date is said to be of the month June of the year as it goes consistent with release dates of previous apple products. Others are saying it can also be launched in the month of March.