Annie has aborted her child, her husband claimed

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Annie-Khalid scandal

Islamabad: Malik Noureed Awan disclosed the secret behind the conflict and fight between husband and wife. He said that Annie has aborted her child without his consent.
During a press conference in Lahore and in an interview to a local channel, Annie’s husband talked about his conflicted marital life. He said that he didn’t marry Annie without her consent; rather it was a love marriage. She was with him for four months before marriage and had a world tour too with him. He pointed that if she wasn’t happy with him why she married to him.
He said that they usually had minor conflicts but Annie always used abusive language for which he forbade her but she didn’t listen to him and remained abusive. Malik Noureed said that he didn’t want to drag his personal life matters to media but Annie forced him to do so by continuously blaming him.
He said that Annie made all false claims and he can prove those all wrong by providing proofs.