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“Click my pic fast I want to upload it on facebook”

“I will post this gossip on facebook”

“You tagged everyone but not me ”

“I have shared on status that I am going on a trip now I don’t need to call anyone “

And countless such lines we get to hear now often whenever we sit in friends or even in families. Introduced in 2004 this social network website has made all of us freaks for sure have over 500 million members. My this sarcasm note is dedicated to all such people for whom facebook is a first priority and other things are set to rest. I am in the list too. Facebook almost ruined my friendship with my best friend because I didn’t use to post on her wall often and this weird thing forced me to pen down the worst side of this so-much-loved network hoping my article will help in saving valuable friendships and relations. Ok so I was saying that facebook has surely dominated our personal worlds though it has opened the doors to innovating social networking but has also caused a distraction to great level. before we use to wait for lunch break in school and college so that we can have great time with our peers in cafeteria, take lots of pictures to make our times memorable, gossip around and cheering our great bond of friendships but now what happen is we prefer to sit in computer lab in break time so that we can check our notifications on fb, sitting with friends only and busy in our own world surfing on fb in our cell phones, tend to post every gossip on fb making it a public entertainment, in short ruining privacy of our friends and our selves. We don’t take pictures to capture memories but to upload them on fb so that we can show off our hang outs or any other personal meetings or outfits etc. A girl in full hijab in college will be seen in hot chick version on her fb profile dp giving a chance to people herself to make fun of her. The most decent guy in school will be found posting vulgar stuff on his account destroying his all reputation. The question is where are we heading too? Why our day starts with fb and ends with it? Why are we razing our youth by being a slave of it? Why we think that creating events on fb and people liking it, clicking the attending button will really bring a great revolution. NO it won’t. Such random clicks won’t work at all. Why we fight with our friends just because they forgot to wish us birthday on fb ? Or they don’t post on our wall often? Or they didn’t tag us in their personal note? Why are we wiping away our precious relation just because of such small reasons? Why are we depending so much on this networking tool? Why are we infringing our privacy by posting every personal detail on fb? I don’t say that facebook is a total destruction because it can be used in a limited and positive manner and for awareness and knowledge. By creating useful pages and make people really follow them. It can help us to connect with our long lost friends and also to promote our business and blogs however we should not rely on fb totally and make our own efforts too. Because now a days the negative use of this website is obviously overlooking the positive side. In the end I would like to say that we all really need to step back and take a long look of ourselves and the world we are creating so that we can realize where we are heading too. LIMIT your facebook usage and face the book no face book chat, phone your friend and gossip around, give time to your family trust me you will cherish that. Meet around and have fun.


Story posted by BINISH UMAIR