A sincere guy’s feelings by Beenish Naeem

May 22, 2012 11:01 am1 commentViews: 61

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Every one writes about what girl wants but why not about guys! WHAT A sincere guy ache for! And desire for! if he falls for someone he falls hard! A girl who’s just his!  To whom he can say “u r just mine and m urs”! Who understands that for a guy spending time with his love is more important than his friends! Who wants his girl to know that after his mom she is the most beautiful woman for him! And she is his princess! And he expects the equal sincerity from her side! A girl who understand that he don’t like her too much interaction with other male friends! A girl who know that her smile make him more happy den a hot kiss! And wants her to accept that every guy is not the same! And being physical is not everything for him but a divine bond means a lot! Her simplicity will strike him more rather den pretty expensive outfits. And when she cooks for him he feels so pampered. He stares in her eyes and love to see her blush. At times his ego comes in between in relationship but at the end of the day he feels sorry for that and do feel guilty if he hurt his girl! He loves when she shows him the right part instead of cursing for being wrong! AND yes guys do cry for their girl when they are alone though they don’t admit! And he does want to know everything about her past even it is a bitter truth! At times he do fails to express to his all love in words but he loves u more den anything! Even he flirts with any other girl at the end of his day true love is the centre of his thoughts. He loves when his girl wears confidence because it gives him strength too. And yes he expects the same appreciations and praise like any girl does.

Story posted by BEENISH NAEEM