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Pakistani Chicken Corn Soup recipe

Pakistani Chicken Corn Soup recipe

Pakistani Chicken Corn Soup recipe


Ingredients for Preparation of Soup:

Half of Chicken (Breast Side, whole)
12 to 14 Cups of Water (for boiling the Chicken
Corn Flour 1 1/2 cup (or if you need more thicker add a little more)
One Cup Boiled Crushed Sweet Corns
Four Eggs (Two of it boiled)
Garlic Cloves 4
one inch cinnamon stick
12 whole black pepper or pepper corn
2 Tsp of black pepper powder (or as per your taste i.e. more or less)
1 Tsp chinese salt (ajinomoto or chemical name monosodium glutamate)
Salt as per taste.
1 Tsp Vinegar (synthetic)

Ingredients for Serving (When putting in Soup Bowls)

Green Chilies two or three
1 Cup Vinegar
1 Cup Chili Sauce
1 Cup Soya Sauce


Wash and Clean the Chicken.
Then put the chicken, 14 cups of water, salt, garlic cloves, One
inch cinnamon Stick, 12 whole black pepper, 2 black cardamom in a large
vessel, Boil till the chicken is tender and the water is reduced to 10 or 11

Now put chicken aside.
Strain the stock in strainer to remove whole spices and garlic.
Separate the meat from bones and shred it in thin pieces.
Put the chicken stock and boiled crushed sweet corns in the vessel and let it
Stir corn flour in cold water (keep in mind it must be in cold water. it will
avoid it from lumps) and mix it well.
If you feel lumps strain it in a strainer.
Put the corn flour in stock and mix it well.
Take 2 beaten egg whites and put it in the stock and mix it fast so that egg whites doesn’t form lumps but it forms thin threads then put the shredded chicken, black pepper powder, chinese salt.
Take boiled eggs and cut them in small slices and put them in stock as well.
Boil it and continuously mix it for more 5 to 10 minutes you will see that the
stock is becoming thicker by time.
Your Soup is ready.

You can put extra shredded boiled chicken and sliced boiled eggs in serving
bowls as well.

For serving:
Put in one cup vinegar some salt and thinly sliced two or three green chilies. (you should do it in start so the green chilies will absorb vinegar and will be
more tasty or you can make it a day before, that will be great.)
Put in one cup Chili Sauce
Put in one cup Soya Sauce

How to serve:
Take soup in soup bowl, put some vinegar mixture, chili sauce, soya sauce as
per taste in the soup bowl and enjoy. Its a good appetizer.


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