10 things to consider for a healthy lifestyle

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• Get adequate and reposeful sleep. Have a sleep of minimum 7-8 hours preferably during night, as sleeping during day hours is not recommended.
• Have intake of water on regular basis. Make it sure that intake of at least 10 glasses of water a day becomes a must part of your routine.
• Engage in some sort of exercise or activities on daily basis. It is an essential ingredient for a healthy life. Aim at having exercise done for at least 30 min a day.
• Make fruits and vegetables a must part of your meals.
• Make it sure that you consume an adequate amount of protein every day. Eat that food stuff which contains a sufficient amount of protein.
• Indulge yourself in healthy interpersonal relationships. It improves the quality of life and provides you social support as well.
• Have some aims in your life and make your life purposeful so that you develop a sense that you are living for something, for some purpose.
• Have a complete check up by some physician on regular basis so that you stay aware of your bodily mechanism and its functioning levels.
• Have courage to forgive others, rather than having grudge inside. Forgiving others on their minor mistakes always give you peace of mind.
• Have some fun time with your family and friends every day. It is an essential ingredient for a happy and healthy mental life.